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EBFF COVID-19 Fall 2020 Season Postponed

Aug 27, 2020

We hope you are all doing as well as possible in these tough times. We were expecting at this point to have Fall 2020 registration open, but as we are aware - there is still a moving target on the date of the phases to re-open locally due to the ongoing uncertainty.

 A few things we can tell you: 

1) We will announce and open Fall registration once all the pieces are in place to allow us to Return to Play (see below what this means) The good news is - as a 5 vs. 5 non-contact, outdoor sport - we are going to return earlier than others. 

2) We are tentatively looking at Oct. - Dec. We will go on a rolling pushback schedule and delay as long as we can and are comfortable re-opening in a timely manner. 

3) We are taking in the many different sources of information while monitoring and building our Return to Play (RTP) guidelines and a Site Protection Plan(SPP) for our field operations (see the links included below) to allow the safest decision 

Our year-round Express training, conditioning and travel team program will most likely be the first to return to play in small groups focused on conditioning and exercise. It is currently submitting the RTP protocols to Alameda for approval. Please email: if you want more info. 

Here is a list of some of the possible early phase requirements we will face when returning to the fields to play- please be prepared to adhere to these or similar changes. There will be some rule changes for early phase play possibly including: no huddle offenses, no-handoffs, hand sanitizing breaks, etc. 


  • Agree to abide by the RTP guidelines
  • Educate your child on the importance of guidelines
  • Do not bring your child to any in-person activity if any member of your household is not feeling well.
  • Ensure that your player has ALL necessary equipment ​before​ leaving home (no sharing)
  • Complete health welfare app​ BEFORE​ sending player to field. P​layers CANNOT attend without completed check-in
  • In Phase 1, carpool with family members or EBFF social bubble only
  • In Phase1, no spectators
  • When allowed to spectate, always adhere to social distance guidelines.
  • Parents are not allowed to help with any equipment collection in the first 3 phases
  • Clean all equipment & clothing before each session 


  • Understand importance of RTP and SPP guidelines by phase
  • Listen to coach instructions very carefully
  • Do not attend if you don’t feel safe or if you or someone in your family/SB shows any symptoms of Covid
  • If 12 or over, wear face masks both upon arrival and when leaving the field; any player may wear face masks and/or gloves during training
  • Respect and practice social distancing at all times. Place bags/equipment at least 6 ft from teammates
  • Until it’s OK, D​O NOT​ physically contact teammates before, during or after. NO high 5s. NO hugs
  • Wash hands before & after training; clean gear after session
  • Make sure that you have ALL equipment before you leave for training. NO SHARING – if you – if you forget anything, you must do without for that session. 


  • Wear a face mask to every session
  • Follow all RTP protocols and SPP
  • Commit to staying  home if showing any signs of Covid-19
  • Commit to sending anyone home if they don’t look/feel well
  • Do not allow anyone not formally associated with EBFF or the team on the field
  • Arrive early to set-up spaces; no help from others to set up
  • Use health welfare app to monitor players’ welfare, require check-in to attend
  • Ensure that all players have their own gear & are not sharing
  • Ensure all your equipment is cleaned every day
  • Do NOT touch a player unless necessary
  • A​n exception would be helping an injured player whose parents are not immediately available.
  • Ensure that ALL lost property is placed in separate bags away from other equipment 

New for Fall 2020 - we are updating and moving our registration platform, please look out for an email invite. When you register for next season you will have the option of purchasing matching NFL Flag shorts. We will also be having masks made and avail for purchase that are designed for activity and sport. We also highly recommend players purchase gloves and get used to weaing them if possible prior to coming back out  

Government Agencies, Healthcare, & Research

Centers for Disease Control (CDC) 

World Health Organization (WHO)

Mercy Hospital


Directory of local health departments

USA Football- RTP for Parents

NY Times US Map


Aspen Institute

Harvard Global Health Institute - COVID Risk Level map    

We really hope to see your family out on the fields sooner than later! 




NFL FLAG is a fast paced, fun filled game of 5 on 5 flag football where every player is eligible to receive the ball.  There is no contact and no blocking.  It is a style of play that is exciting both to play and watch. NFL FLAG is played in over 1,000 leagues across the country. At East Bay Flag Football, the main emphasis is on sportsmanship, skills building and FUN!!!

WE HAVE 5 CO-ED AGE DIVISIONS:  5-6, 7-8, 9-10, 11-12 & 13-15. Players may enter individually or as entire teams.  We encourage kids who want to play together to enter as a team and train for the NFL Flag Regional Tournament.

  • 5-6 and 13-15 divisions are ONLY HELD on SUNDAYS in OAKLAND
  • Competitive Divisions in the 9-10 and 11-12 are avail in OAKLAND (select preference during registration)
  • Your player's age for the SPRING Season is the player's age of as of 1/1/20
  • There are no formal mid-week practices in this "family schedule friendly" program
  • All teams have a game every week
  • 7-8, 9-10, 11-12 & 13-15 divisions – All teams make the playoffs. Schedule, scores & standings are updated weekly on our website
  • 5-6 year old division will not keep score, or have standings or playoffs.   Practices and games will be structured to be less competitive, including parent/coach on-field, games, skill building and more. This division also is at a reduced cost. 

 Sundays in Oakland               Saturdays in Alameda 


9-10 and 11-12 have Both Competitive and Rec Divisions
**How much practice and game time a player gets is fully at the Coaches Discretion**
28 Point Mercy Rule (All Games)



WHERE: SUNDAYS Oakland High School's outstanding Football Field (located at the corner of Park Blvd and MacArthur Blvd). This modern all-weather field is a perfect site with free parking in OHS’s private parking lot.  Check it out at (          

SAMPLE SUNDAY DIVISION TIMES All teams practice for one hour, than have a game the 2nd hour

  • 5-6 DIV:   8am -10am 
  • 7-8 DIV:   8am-11am 
  • 9-10 DIV:  10am-1pm 
  • 11-12 DIV: 12pm-3pm 
  • 13-15 DIV:  2pm - 5pm  

We prefer that players do not "play up" an age group, especially if players are more that 12 months younger than the age cut off.  Players cannot "play down" unless there are special needs.  If your player has a special need/situation and you would like him or her to play in a younger or older division, email the reasons for your request at  

On your first day, please bring:

  • Birth Certificate (orig or copy). If you have already done this in a prior EBFF season so that your player is already age verified, then you dont need to present a birth certificate again.
  • Cleats or tennis shoes are fine on the turf football field    
  • Water or Gatorade.  Water is available on the field, but you need to bring your own water bottle.
  • A youth mouth guard (can be purchased at Sporting Goods store or we have them avail at the field.

Each Player Receives:

  • NFL team-identified reversible jerseys
  • Participation award
  • USA Football player membership
  • Qualified status to play in the NFL FLAG Regional Tournament.  Winning team in each division qualifies for the NFL FLAG National Tournament.  Check out these videos on the National Flag Championships

Your Registration Fees go to a Good Cause

What if flag football isnt your child's primary sport? Not a problem!  Most players will miss some games.  Dont let that stop you from giving flag football a try. 

For kids that want to play flag football at a more competitive level, check out EBFF's Tournament Team Program


Flag Football Love

    Posted January 3, 2020


    I've been around youth sports for awhile now and you're the best I have seen.  Thanks a ton. -- Jim

    East Bay Flag Totally Rocks !!!  My 2 boys are loving their East Bay Flag experiences so much.  This is a real breakthrough for them because they've both had lukewarm experiences with team sports so far and have stayed far away from organized sports.  I'm super happy about it!!  -- Deirdre

    (My son) is LOVING flag football.  And after last week, while tucking him in to bed, he said "mama, I can't wait for next Sunday."  and every day since then, it's been "5 more days, 4 more days, etc. til Sunday."  Last night we had to bring the football to baseball practice to throw until his practice actually started (on another sport mind you).  It's all he talks about now.  -- Beth

    This program is wonderful!! -- Alanya

    Thank you for all the time, energy and care you have taken to organized such a great sport's league. My kids both had a really great time.  It was awesome and they all seem to have so much fun and do so well, it was really inspiring. --  Dena

    (My daughter) is really having a blast with the football team -- Cynthia

    Thank you for what you have put together! The kids had a ball, and the family-friendly schedule is the best! -- Linda
    Thanks so much for all that you are doing for our kids.  (My daughter) is having a ball! -- Gloria
    We had a wonderful experience all around. Our coach did a remarkable job coaching a group of kids who varied widely in terms of experience and commitment.  Our son loved every moment of practice and game time with his team and his coaches, and never missed a minute of either (for that matter, neither did his parents - it was a joy to watch).  He had a such a positive experience with the program - he'll definitely continue to play, and can't wait to get back to it.  As parents, we could not be happier. In short, a big shout out both to Coach ______ and the program as a whole.  --  Julie and Chris
    We are having too much fun!!  --  Martin
    Just want to thank you for all your great work in setting up this league and creating this wonderful opportunity for the kids.  Even though our boys didn't have as much success this year, they still had a blast, and flag football remains the favorite sport for most of these multi-sport boys. -- Mark
    First, thank you for all the help you gave us finding the right fit for our younger son---he is loving his team and his coach is great.  My older son  is also having a fantastic time. Thanks for all your hard work. -- Doug
    We're new to East Bay Flag Football - new to football altogether, actually.  I've got two boys in the program (9-10) and (11-12).  I just wanted to send you a quick note to say how impressed I am already with the level of organization I've seen so far.  I don't know if you get these types of emails every day, but you should because honestly, registering and preparing my boys for practice has been made SO easy because of the organization.  I am a bit of an organization freak myself and unfortunately, I don't write these letters often.  So, thank you for making this process so simple for us  --  Elizabeth
    First let me say thank you for allowing my son to play this fall. He is playing in the 7-8 division and he is having a great time. So much so that I'm wondering if you have a spring season and if so, when are the sign ups?  --  Mark
  • More Testimonials

    Posted January 2, 2020


    I know I'm going to sound like a broken record but I am really, really impressed at your program. Seriously. You guys do deserve the "biggest and fastest growing" NFL Flag football in California, was it? I think you guys probably don't know how well it's run in comparison to other leagues. We've been through most every league in the bay area, Play Flag Football, Next Level, Pleasanton Junior Football, Pasadena YMCA, Pasadena Trojans and some other independently run leagues, me as a coach and my son as a player. So I have a very experiential awareness of what's out there, what works, what doesn't work, what the league is like, what the players, parents, coaches and teams are like. 

    You guys by far have put in the most effort, and not just effort for efforts sake but well-executed effort. Very efficiently planned and organized. Just by your website alone, my first impression was this league has their stuff together. The constant, well-focused communication is spot-on. Preparing and creating resources for coaches. Using high school players to teach kids individual skills. All in the effort to standardize the quality of play. This is what Next Level is trying to do but is not even half way efficient and effective as how you're executing it. And you guys the organizers are awesome, not just being able to run the logistics but you guys are welcoming, personable and have a professional and nurturing, supportive attitude toward the kids and families.  

    Your relationship with Oakland High School's coaches and players actually says a lot about you guys and your organization. To be able to cultivate and develop that relationship is actually a wonderful thing to see. 

    I do want to share that after yesterday, my son came off the field happy and excited. He was genuinely enthusiastic about playing! He said "that's it, it's over?" He genuinely had a lot of fun and that's priceless. He said he loved the caliber of play and players, all his teammates had great attitudes and knew what they were doing, they were able to develop chemistry as they kept playing. As you could probably tell, he doesn't have an 'all about winning' attitude and he's not the kind of kid that gets salty after losses. "Winning" isn't what gets him excited about playing, so him having fun is actually a pretty big deal for him and me. Part of what we try to practice with him is being in the moment and performing in that moment and huge part of that was the challenge/caliber of play and the chemistry he felt yesterday, which he may have only rarely experienced on previous teams. --  Fred

    Thanks so much for what you do. My son loved your Fall program – Alanya

    My child is having a great time at football, and we can't wait until Sunday  --  Megan

    Kudos to you and your crew for this great program - so well organized and run!  It's great for our kids to have an option for sports that's fun, good learning and not on the crazy competitive scale in terms of time and pressure! -- Julie

    I wanted to share how much my sons (age 11 and 8) enjoy the league! This is their first season and are having an incredibly fun season. Great field, fantastic culture, lots of learning -- many kudos to you guys for organizing all of this! -- Bruce

    I think this league is a great beginning for kids to get introduced to football in a non contact format. I like the idea and appreciate the organized effort you and your staff manage. It's an incredible feat that I don't think gets enough attention. Having played college and professional football I appreciate the focus on teaching/learning as an expected outcome for the kids.  -- Joel

    Thank you, and to the league for making it possible my boys to play Flag football!  My boys are registered, and they are super excited -- Raquel

  • Even More Testimonials

    Posted January 1, 2020

    Thank you for organizing a fun spring season! This was our son's first time playing flag football in a formal setting and it's been his favorite sport this season--and to date! I have appreciated the consistent and clear communication maintained by the league and look forward to participating again this fall. -- Tracy

    Our son is enjoying the EBFF 9/10 League and Sunday training at Oakland High School -- Thanks, Cindy

    Hello, my boys play in your league and absolutely love it! You have done such a phenomenal job on setting a positive tone for coaches, players and parents. I love watching the kids compete hard, smiling when they make good plays, and also congratulating and laughing with opposing teammates. Kudos to you! Thanks! -- Bruce 

    You guys are the best! Thanks  - Danielle

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