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About Express Flag Football Tournament Program

From a pool of interested trainees, Express Flag Football forms competitive Flag Football teams. These teams attend tournaments locally and nationwide.

EXPRESS Flag Football is the premier flag football training program for children ages 7-14. The program is focused on better preparing and developing athletes so that they can excel in their athletic endeavors and beyond.

As members of the EXPRESS Travel Team program, participants can expect the following:

- Player Assessment 

This includes the measurable talents of a EXPRESS Tourney player such as: Speed, Quickness, Agility, Passing, Jumping, Ball Reaction, Catching, Football IQ

- Year round weekly skills development program including training sessions, postion training, speed & agility clinics, film sessions, scrimmages and more

- A Custom EXPRESS uniform (incl name/nickname & number)

- Entry into 4 tournaments - (possibly) including: - (NOTE: these are subject to change)

- FALL 2019 NFL REGIONALS to compete for bid to NATIONALS in Feb 2020


- MAY 18-19 SF Hardcount Tourney in San Jose to compete for bid to National CHAMP June 15-16 in San Diego

- Fall or Winter Tourney at CYFF (or Watsonville)

A qualified coaching staff that understands the game and how to play it. Coaches focus on providing quality training to help guide, direct, and assist players through their youth careers. EXPRESS Flag Football s run by coaches who have combined 30 years Football experience and have coached over 500 NFL Flag games - including at regional and national competitive tournaments.

If you pay for a full year of the program at registration, you get a free East Bay Flag Football Flag season (Spring or Fall in one of our conferences) You can also choose to pay in installments during registration.

Registration will open soon - you will receive an email shortly after you register for player evaluations with more details on the program including the final costs associated.